DSGS Price Guide - All Inclusive Groom Service - Final Prices will be assessed on individual basis (please see all T&Cs below)

FREE initial consultation to establish coat condition & overall health check (carried out over phone during COVID)

- Wash & Dry: from £15 small/medium dog, large dog £20,  Xlarge dog £25

- Pamper: wash & dry, ears & eyes clean, paw tidy & balm, cologne spritz from £25

- Nails, Paw Pads trim with Balm treatment £8

- Puppy familiarisation & mini groom & tidy from £25

ALL prices are specified as a guided price... (from £...)

this could depend on coat condition, size and breed of the dog

Popular Breeds quick reference

Chihuahua Short Smooth from £25

Chihuahua Long Haired from £25

French/English Bulldog from £25

Pug - from £25

Jack Russell from £30

Pomerainian - from £35 (depending on size)

Staffordshire from £35

Yorkshire Terrier from £35

Bichon Frise from £40 clipped trim

Bichon Frise - Scissored rounded head £45

Boader Terrier from £40 clipped (hand-stripped £50)

Cavapoo/Cavachon from £40

Cockapoo / Springapoo from £40

King Charles Spaniel (drop coat) from £40

Lhasa Apso short coat (clipped) from £40

Poodle/Toy from £40

Schnauzer Miniature from £40

Shih Tzu short coat (clipped) from £40

Spaniel - English Cocker from £40

West Highland White from £40 (westie)

German Shepherd from £50, large dog £60

Schnauzer - Standard from £45

All other breeds that we style:


Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla from £55

Italian Spinone from £70 (clipped)

Retriever - Golden from £55

Retriever - Labrador from £45

Setter - English, Irish, Gordon from £45

Weimaraner from £35


Bassett from £35

Beagle from £30

Dachshund from £25 miniture short,  £30 standard short

Greyhound from £30

Lurcher from £45

Whippet from £25

Boxer from £30

Schnauzer - Giant from £65


Australian Silky Terrier from £40

Bichon Frise from £40 (clipped trim) £45 scissored

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from £40

Chinese Crested from £40

Chihuahua Smooth from £25

King Charles Spaniel (drop coat) from £40

King Charles Spaniel (clip coat) from £35

Maltese from £35 (short coat/trim)

Maltese from £45 (drop coat)

Poodle - Toy from £40

Yorkshire Terrier from £35


Airedale from £55

Australian from £40

Bedlington from £45

Bichon from £45 (clipped & hand scissored)

Border Terrier (Hand Stripped) from £45

Cairn from £45

Irish from £50

Jack Russell long haired haired from £30

Kerry Blue from £60

Scottish from £45 (Clipper Trim)

Staffordshire from £35

Soft Coated Wheaten from £45

Tibetan Terrier from £35

Welsh from £50

West Highland White from £40 (westie)


Border Collie from £45

German Shepherd Dog from £45 (large dog £55)

Old English Sheepdog from £65

Pembroke Welsh Corgi from £45

Rough Collie from £60

Popular Cross Breeds

Labradoodle/Goldendoodle from £50

Small Labradoodle from £40

Cavapoo/Cavachon from £40

Cockapoo from £40 


Boston Terrier from £25

Dalmatian from £35

English Bulldog from £25

French Bulldog from £25

Lhasa Apso  from £45

Poodle - £40 (clipped and hand trim)

Pug - from £25

Shar Pei - from £40

Schnauzer - Miniature from £40

Schnauzer - Standard from £45

Terms & Conditions...

In the majority of cases a well-cared for pet which is maintained between grooming appointments is usually the price shown in our guide (regularly brushed, knott and matt free) however all dogs are assessed on an individual basis prior to each appointment.

If we cannot safely complete your dog within the guidelines of the animal welfare act 2006 due to his/her general or aggressive behaviour we will call you to let you know.

If we have bathed and dried your dog a £20 charge will apply, if not a £15 charge will apply. 

  • We have a strict 24hrs cancellation notice period (a NO SHOW fee of £10 will be applied on your next appointment)
  • If this is the case professional behavioural training is normally recommended as a course of action for you to take.
  • We do not offer a hand stripping groom.
  • Please Note: DSGS do not clip off severely neglected and matted coats. Please see your veterinary nurse/practice for advise on skin condition and general health if this is the case and have the coat removed before visiting DSGS, after which we can offer advice and work with you to ensure the coat and skin are kept in optimal condition. 

We DO NOT perform anal gland treatments... 

This should be done ONLY by a qualified medical professional/Vet


If your dog is found to have fleas a £15 containment and treatment charge will be added to the final price.