We believe, that our four legged friends deserve the best and nothing less! So we care and pamper our pets as much or more often than we do ourselves.  After all they are part of the family!

Doggie Style Grooming Studio uses the best grooming products together with care and attention to detail when purchasing lotions and potions, With this in mind, we are able to meet all cosmetic and hygiene solutions and recognise and deliver the individual needs of your dog. 

These include natural products that provide whitening and cleansing facials, paw and nose balm treatments and speciality colour enhancing shampoos together with restorative coat treatments which deliver outstanding professional results for all coat types and for the most sensitive of skin. 

This is all part of the Doggie Style Grooming Studio experience, which is driven by passion for the well-being of dogs, lots of TLC and outstanding customer service! 

We also work with other pet services... please click on the 'useful links' at the top of the page.

Our Services

should you require additional services, please contact us on the number listed below

FREE Initial C​onsultation

Lets meet and establish your 

dogs needs (15 minute pre groom appointment)

We w​ill get to meet the pooch, assess their coat, temperament, complete a record card and discuss any requests and tailor the groom to your needs... 

Full Groom

A full health check of body, ears, eyes, paws, coat & hygiene areas will be carried out to establish your pets fitness. 

Wash & Dry, Groom to your specification, ear clean, paw pad reatment & nail clip, re-silk of coat with a spritz of cologne.

Pamper - Wash & Dry

Washed & dried with professional equipment and products which contain NO harmful detergents.

Includes: Brush out, ears & eye cleanse, coat silk and cologne... and of course lots of care and love! 

This service is not an interim groom 

(does not include any clipper/scissor trim) 

Nails & Pads Treatment

Nails clipped and paw pads trimmed, finished off with an organic Paw Balm conditioner, to keep those paws soft, clean and healthy.

A great protection from external factors, supports cracked and dry paw pads

Wash & Dry - New Service!

Simply does what it says on the tin! 

wash with a soap free cleanser & dried,

simply clean and fluffy!

(does not include any clipper/scissor trim or any treatment from the pamper service)

Puppy Introduction

Full wash, conditioner treatment, finish dry & gentle brush out (this may include trimming knots out of coat, reducing coat length) nails and paw treatment.

We want to get that pup used to new smells, salon noises and get them comfortable with the studio environment and build that trust!

Knot & Matted Coats

If your pet is heavily matted and knotted a surcharge will apply at the time of the full groom, this will be discussed with you prior to any treatment being applied.

Please call us for a free consultation or to book your appointment 

07984 003846​